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Internationale escorts voor klanten uit Duitsland, The United States en elders.

Updated: Jan 25

Escort Amsterdam 1 offers the tastiest and best escort girls in the city. Our customers come from all over the world. Not only Amsterdammers, and even not only Dutch people, can enjoy our hot ladies of pleasure. You can also order an escort if you come from Germany, Belgium, the United States or the UK.

Already in your home country you can take a look at our website and view the individual pages of the escorts to your liking. On those pages you will find a detailed description of who the escort is and what services she provides.

Services not just limited to simple sex. They are companions, ladies of pleasure, escorts. With this you will experience a lot more than with a prostitute on the ramparts or elsewhere. Our ladies are also nice and cozy enough for a nice business dinner or a conference.

If that's not enough, you can also enjoy a massage by the beautiful women. They are well prepared and take everything with them. Massage oil and more!

Of course, you don't have to do it all alone. Our telephone operators are available day and night to provide you with advice and to answer all your questions about our services. Service is of paramount importance at Escort Amsterdam 1.

A little anecdote to substantiate this. On October 26, 2022, Thomas came from Cologne to Amsterdam for a business meeting. This is his experience:

When I landed at the airport in Amsterdam on October 26, I couldn't ask for anything more than a good bed. Once I arrived by taxi at my hotel in the bustling center of Amsterdam, the driver advised me to order an escort instead of going to the Red Light District around the corner from the hotel. He gave me a ticket from Escort Amsterdam 1. That first evening I decided not to order an escort. After a long journey, my mind was not set on it. So it was early to bed. The next morning I saw the ticket just before leaving for my business appointment. The thoughts of an escort could not let go of me that day. At some point I decided to take a look at the website. And soon I had an even more fervent desire for an appointment. Contrary to what - in my opinion - is usual, I decided to call and inquire about the possibility of having a bite to eat with the escort before leaving for my hotel. That turned out to be no problem. I made an appointment with Ivana at a delicious Chinese restaurant less than a 5-minute walk from the famous square, Dam Square. We ate, drank and talked with Ivana. The evening was still young, but already so successful. At some point I wondered if it was a problem that she was with me for so long, so I decided to call the operator of Escort Amsterdam 1 with the request to 'book' Ivana longer. I find the latter rather strange because I have built up a nice click and bond with Ivana. Not at all professional, but very personal. Anyway, around ten o'clock we decided to walk to my hotel and once we got there we had wonderful sex with each other. Ivana has a young and toned body. Such a young lady makes a middle-aged man like me a few years younger. It really was a great adventure. That evening she stayed for two hours and then left again. I can only say that the next day I was back on the plane with a good feeling. A successful and sexually charged business trip to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is recommended! Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Escort Amsterdam 1 thanks Thomas for sharing his experience for these purposes.

We naturally hope to make several people from home and abroad happy with one of our beautiful escorts. Do you, like Thomas, choose Ivana or one of the other 35 ladies?

Call +31626569628 quickly for more info!


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