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Erotic massage Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the city where people go to get a taste of the wildlife and go wild. Yet you can also enjoy intensely with a relaxing erotic massage for €160 per hour. For a wonderful massage you can choose from our escort ladies. 

An erotic massage Amsterdam is ideal for people who need to relax after seeing the whole city or attending a business meeting. It doesn't matter for Escort Amsterdam who can provide you with the most beautiful and most likeable masseuses within 30 minutes. One thing is sure: after our erotic masseuse is done with you, so is stress.

Would you like a wonderful erotic massage in the form of a body massage, also known as body-to-body massage? Other than just the classic escort services, Escort Amsterdam 1 also offers erotic massage services. 


What is a body-to-body massage?

A body-to-body massage is a massage where one of our ladies pampers you in a romantic setting. Not just spoil but in a special way. First, you and our masseuse take off your clothes and, if necessary, take a shower. Then our horny masseuse will oil you with warm oil. She does this by sitting naked on top of you and by slowly massaging the oil into your body with her hands. She pays close attention to your reaction so that she can gauge what you like and what she should draw attention to.  On your bed or on a mat 


When you are completely oiled up and you have slowly become accustomed to the touch, our masseuse will throw her body into battle. She will slide her tender and soft breasts over your back and at the same time make sensual movements with her arms and legs. All this while there is constant physical contact. 


When she is busy, she will ask you to turn around to make eye contact. Without reaching for your private parts directly, it builds up the tension until you reach your boiling point. Sliding her breasts over your genitals you will slowly but surely be ready for the next step. Then there is the massage of your erogenous zones.


At some point, it's time for a happy ending. During this erotic massage, our masseuse slowly slides to your pubic area and starts stroking and kissing you there. She slowly encircles your genitals and pulls, or sucks, you to your climax. She will sit on top if necessary. In addition to the excited state, the oil ensures that you can easily penetrate. 


When you have finished, our masseuse will hug you quietly for a while and say goodbye after the necessary clean-up.

Body to body massage

A Nuru massage is an extension of an erotic body-to-body massage. Here too, the masseuse's body is used as a massage tool. The big difference is that with a Nuru massage Japanese techniques are used by the masseuse. For example, our masseuses use a slippery cold gel and lubricate you completely. The cold gel is massaged into your delicate skin by one of our horny masseuses with her cold hands. 


Nuru means loosely translated in Japanese: slippery. It is an erotic massage technique from Japan that requires a body-to-body massage. The erotic touches of the bodies cause the stress level to drop in both people. Often these touches tempt our customers to perform sexual acts. And that's understandable. Our masseuses are often young, sleek and beautiful. When they sit naked on top of you to de-stress you, it unleashes special sexual powers in . 


Fortunately, you can also have sex with your masseuse at Escort Amsterdam 1.

Nuru massage

A tantric massage is an erotic massage in which the generation and retention of energy is central. This arousal and holding produce a blissful feeling that can feel sexual. It is an energetic experience in the core of your body that at some point creates a more intense experience than sex. The core of sex is that one or both people reach an orgasm. With that sexual climax, the second part of tantra, energy retention, is lost. 


Holding this energy can ensure that your body is freed from all mental and physical blockages, because it provides a deep inner peace. Our masseuses are experienced in this business and know better than anyone how they can offer you a beautiful tantric experience.


There are quite a few misconceptions about a tantra massage. For example, the fact that this massage is given naked is usually linked to having sex with the masseuse. In addition, the whole body is massaged, but there is normally no sex with the masseuse. 


At Escort Amsterdam 1 you can of course choose to have sex with the masseuse after a tantric massage.

As already noted, many erotic massages do not include standard sex services. A Happy Ending is therefore not included at most massage parlors and masseuses. Because Escort Amsterdam 1 is originally an escort agency, our masseuses are willing to offer you sex services in addition to the massage. This is also known as sex massage.


A Happy End usually consists of touching and directly stimulating the male or female genitals for a long time. Often towards the end of a massage. This should then - also in view of the sexual tension already built up - lead to an explosive orgasm. In short, it is a wild and extremely sexually rich experience on top of a normal erotic massage or escort service. So call quickly or make a reservation via the online form or Whatsapp.


Also, take a look at our beautiful gallery above with the beautiful masseuses.

Tantric massage

Happy End Massage OR sex massage

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